Simplifying Compliance for Banks and Insurers

We believe that regulation is a force for good

If you do too but don’t know how to make compliance efficient and cost effective, let CoVi Analytics show you how

We want compliance to


Both business and compliance is about doing the right thing for the customers. Why are so many financial services running these two processes separately?

Be VALUE Adding

A small/medium sized firm spends over £1.5m annually on compliance related activities. Why does this level of committment add ZERO value to the business?

Be Simple to Understand

Regulation is delivered as dry legal text through many many legislative documents. Why does the complexity complicates internal compliance processes?

CoVi is Simplifying Compliance by

Simplifying Language

Simplifying the language of compliance for better and wider business engagement with regulatory activities.

Automating Activities

Automating repetitive compliance tasks through Machine Learning, freeing up resources to focus on value-add activities.

Sharing Knowledge

Facilitating knowledge sharing around regulatory compliance across departments, jurisdictions and businesses.

Analysing Data

Deploying advanced analytics on firm specific data, augmented with public domain data for deeper peer and market analysis.

Visualising Insights

Bringing qualitative and quantitative information to life with visualisations never seen in the financial sector before.

Crossing Borders

Consolidating the global financial regulation in one place, making compliance simple across borders and jurisdictions.



Compliance with a smile

CMILE brings together the fragmented financial regulation. Supported with our Natural Language Processing, CMILE helps users easily navigate and manage the ever evolving regulatory landscape.

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Automating Risk & Compliance

CORE RMF simplifies and automates the on-going risk & compliance activities. CORE actively learns how the business takes, manages and monitors risks; allowing CoVi to automate tasks and provide risk mitigation recommendations.

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CORE Analytics


Visualising Insights

CORE Analytics visualises qualitative and quantitative data, teasing out the narrative from noise. Analytics supplements & visualises business private data with publically available information to inspire insights across all levels of the business.

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