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from the weight of compliance.

Global Regulation

Manage multi-jurisdictional regulation in one place.

Simplified MiFID II

Simplifying how Financial firms navigate and manage the new MIFID II regulation.

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25% Cost-Base Breakdown

25% of a Bank's workforce is busy ticking boxes

According to McKinsey & Company, the manual processes and fragmented compliance efforts continue to drive up the costs of compliance for Banks. This is neither effective nor sustainable in the long run.

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CoVi is Simplifying Compliance by

Simplifying Language

Simplifying the language of compliance for better and wider business engagement with regulatory activities.

Automating Activities

Automating repetitive compliance tasks through Machine Learning, freeing up resources to focus on value-add activities.

Sharing Knowledge

Facilitating knowledge sharing around regulatory compliance across departments, jurisdictions and businesses.

Analysing Data

Deploying advanced analytics on firm specific data, augmented with public domain data for deeper peer and market analysis.

Visualising Insights

Bringing qualitative and quantitative information to life with visualisations never seen in the financial sector before.

Crossing Borders

Consolidating the global financial regulation in one place, making compliance simple across borders and jurisdictions.

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