Putting regulatory data to work

We believe that regulatory efforts should not be wasted

The frequency and ferocity of the regulatory reporting have increased exponentially since 2008, drowning the finance teams at financial institutions in an endless cycle of reporting.

ANALYTICS helps extract value from regulatory reports which otherwise remain unused.


Wasted efforts

What happens to your regulatory reports after you submit them to the regulator?

The chances are, Nothing! These reports find residence somewhere on a shared drive, collecting proverbial dust.

You have spent countless hours preparing, reviewing and getting these reports through internal governance. The auditors have been handsomely remunerated to give it their blessing. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to simply shelve the report after submission. There is a lot of un-tapped potential going to waste.

We are looking at data from a completely new lens

A picture is worth 1000 words, so why are we still writing long reports and using traditional pie charts & bar graphs to visualise complex data sets? Are we really expecting to get new insights using dated approaches!


Visualised Insights

All our visualisation are action oriented, focused on answering one question – “so what”? What actions do I need to take after seeing the information a particular way?

ANALYTICS is a visual layer that sits on top of existing data assets, augmenting them with public domain data, advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. Our mission is to help business teams analyse and react to information faster and gain new insights.

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