Democratising interpretation

Empowering compliance professionals to manage and share interpretation for principle based regulation

How we democratise

CoVi is re-defining how financial services digest regulation

The current process for identifying and managing regulation is extremely manual and cumbersome. Moreover, the only way to benchmark interpretation against peers is through expensive consultants or associations.


Step 1 - Regs

Review all regulatory documents published by multiple authorities to find the relevant rules.


Step 2 - Mapping

Tracks the applicable rules and business actions in an ever growing mapping spreadsheet.


Step 3 - Firm's Policies

Develops company policies (e.g. remuneration), capturing how the business intends to comply.


Managing interpretation on top of Regulation

Our approach allows financial institutions to manage interpretation on top of regulation, eliminating the need for time-consuming mapping exercises (Step 2) and minimising governance efforts (Step 3).

We use visualisations, advanced analytics and machine learning to simplify and automate tasks for compliance teams.


Regulatory Stacks

CMILE uses Stacks to organise regulation around Conduct and Prudential themes. Checkout our current Live Stacks and start simplifying your compliance activities today!


FCA HandbookMainly UK

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Solvency IIUK & Europe

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Insurance AuthorityHong Kong

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