Freeing business from the weight of compliance

We believe in freeing business from tick-box exercises

Every new regulatory requirement gives birth to a new process, a new spreadsheet, a new box for the business teams to tick.

CORE simplifies & automates compliance activities, freeing business from ticking boxes.


Regulators vs. Businesses

Believe it or not, regulators' and businesses' work towards a common primary objective.

Regulatory Objective: Policyholder protection & a fair treatment of customers.

Business Objective: Do right by customers and win repeat business.

Given these objectives are aligned, why are financial institutions using two different languages to describe these objectives? Why are compliance processes being run in parallel to business processes?

We are re-defining the language of risk & compliance

The current language used to communicate compliance commitments internally are more theoretical than practical. These instructions are often drawn up in isolation and make little effort in considering existing processes and practices.


Action driven language

Our re-designed process brings practicality to the risk & compliance process. We are shifting focus from - "Identity", "Manage", "Monitor" & "Report" approach that leaves business confused.

With CORE, we are changing the focus of the conversation through an action driven language: Risks your business is exposed to, Controls in place to manage these risks, Indicators to monitor these risks and Actions taken to address gaps.


Building around CORE

Once the CORE has been redefined, we start simplifying & automating supplementary resource-intensive risk & compliance processes.

Risk Events / Incidents

Linking risk events to CORE, addressing the root cause of the problem.

Stress & Scenario Testing

Easily reflect your SST findings in CORE, automating updates to risk appetites.

Policies & Procedures

Actively track your Risks and Controls against your policies, reducing the workload needed for self-attestation.

Emerging Risks

Watch emerging risks get absorbed in your Risk universe or bounce off.


Alter assumptions in the Board room & instantly see the projected impact.

Manage Outsourced Ops

Set Controls for outsourcers in CORE & get live updates on their controls effectiveness through the cloud.

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