Saas suite that unifies

Unifying the end-to-end compliance process eliminating the need for excessive spreadsheets

How we unify

CoVi breaks the compliance process down into two journeys and builds solutions to simplify them.

What makes CoVi unique is its ability to unify the entire compliance process seamlessly through an A.I. assisted and visually driven interface which is truly revolutionary.

Regulation Interpretation

The first leg of the journey involves finding the rules that apply to the business and identify how to demonstrate compliance with those rules.

CMILE re-defines how Compliance Officers find and manage regulation, bringing the power of Business community and A.I. to regulatory text.


Interpretation Operationalisation

The second leg of the journey involves putting in place compliance activities and evidencing their operational effectiveness to ensure on-going compliance.

CORE simplifies how compliance activities are embedded in the business, leveraging technology to automate repetitive tasks.