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Own Your Risk

Is risk management part of your Management Bonus Scheme with more and more of your time being spent ticking boxes? Let CoVi help you get time back for your day job.

Despite the drive to embed risk culture, little has been done by Risk Teams to simplifying the "Academic" language of risk. CoVi not only simplifies risk language but also aims to reduce the data attributes collected by risk teams to get to the same results. Our focus in using existing data assets coupled with machine learning to collect contextual risk information with minimal input from users.

Faster Product Dev.

Is compliance slowing your product development down by months and buy-side loses interest in the trade? CoVi speeds up the compliance aspects of product development.

Using your existing products as “templates” for compliance, CoVi allows you to quickly iterate and build on existing products rather than starting at square one every time. Our AI driven modular approach attaches all the relevant requirements necessary for your product “Features”, e.g. advice given, profit sharing etc. at a click of a button. All you need to do is tweak.

Improve processes

Being reactive in your response to resolving incidents rather than proactive and addressing the root cause? CoVi can help you improve your controls environment.

CoVi can help you map all incidents to controls and processes in seconds. Our advanced analytics engine helps you identify and remediate the root cause of the issue. We also provide an unparalleled insights into which products, people and processes are the source of your operational issues and provide predictions of possible areas of concerns through Machine Learning.

Visualised Insights

Got data that is going unused and you continue to see your world through the pie chart or bar graph lens? CoVi is replacing static visuals with interactive stories.

There is only so much insight you can get from visualising your data through circles and squares. CoVi supplements internal data with relevant public domain through interactive non-traditional visuals to allow you to extract insights. We take away data processes and spreadsheets out of the equation so you are only focused on the “So What?” and not the “how do I?”.

Regulatory Lineage

Tired of the prudence built into Compliance team’s interpretation of the regulation which is often detrimental to the business? CoVi increases transparency to the regulation.

By simplifying the regulatory text, CoVi makes it easier for the business to challenge the compliance team's overly prudent interpretation with their own views. We want to empower the business to be able to review and challenge the interpretation in the context of the nature, scale and complexity of the business without being inundated with 100’s of pages of dry legal text.

Breaking Silos

Is there a control that another team operates which is relevant to your workflow but not sure who it is? CoVi breaks down silos and improves transparency.

By improving transparency and accessibility, CoVi allows different teams to view firm wide processes and rely on controls operated by other teams. This level of transparency improves accountability within the business, allowing business teams to leverage work done by colleagues in other teams rather than replicating work in their teams – leading to leaner and efficient back-office operations.

Streamline Reporting

Getting inundated with similar information requests by multiple teams for different purposes? With CoVi only provide the information once.

CoVi's "Report Once" approach takes care of data distribution across the business in the relevant format / granularity. Our unique approach also eliminates the need for lengthy reconciliation exercises when the data updates. The reports are accessible from any device with options to export Word & Powerpoint versions.

Data Driven Operations

Are you being reactive with your management action, reacting after an issue has crystallised? CoVi can keep an eye out for symptoms before they become major issues.

CoVi uses advance analytics and machine learning to analyse internal and external data to predict how your product mix, distribution channels, Turnover rate, competitor’s behaviour is performing and likely to impact going forward. We also couple out alerts with regulatory actions to indicate if your products might come under regulatory review.

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