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Navigating Regulation

Wasting hours hunting for the right regulatory document or its latest version? CoVi helps you turn those hours into seconds.

We bring together global regulatory stacks to enable search in an intuitive way powered by machine learning - navigating complex regulatory stacks at lightning speed.

Managing Rules

Copy-pasting relevant rules from the regulatory text into spreadsheets? We enable you to say bye to cumbersome spreadsheets.

Our unique approach allows you to “Pin” rules that are relevant to your business, eliminating the need for mapping exercises or copy-pasting.

Business Interpretation

Struggling to get business to support interpretation of principle based regulation? We can help increase the engagement level.

Our visual approach to communicating regulatory text drives greater engagement, allowing businesses to better interpret the regulation at a fraction of the cost.

Horizon Scanning

Dreading changes in regulation because all the work it triggers internally? CoVi redefines and simplifies the process of managing regulatory change.

We closely monitor changes in regulation, providing you notifications of specific changes that you care about along with a track-change and recommended actions based on how peers are responding to regulatory updates.

Building Consensus

Want to build consensus around a particularly grey area of regulation but don’t know where to start? CoVi’s communities are here to get you started.

We cultivates communities, encouraging knowledge sharing around ambiguous principle based regulation to improve transparency within financial services for all stakeholders, including regulators.

Regulatory Insights

Fear of missing out on a particular waiver your peers have applied for? CoVi provides recommendations on what waivers to consider.

We link public qualitative and quantitative data with advanced analytics to make tailor-made recommendations for you. These recommendations include waivers to consider and "fine prone" areas to keep a closer eye on.


Responsible for cross-border compliance but don’t have the bandwidth to manage multiple regulatory stacks? CoVi brings together global financial regulation across boundaries.

With all financial regulation in one place, we make it our mission to enable access to cross-jurisdictional regulation in the most convenient and intuitive way - a single repository for global financial regulation.

Consultation Papers

Relying on third parties to help you react to the stream of regulatory consultation papers? CoVi automates the consultation review process.

We identify consultation papers most relevant to you, prioritise review and significantly reducing review overheads. We also provide a clear path of traceability from consultation to final regulation.

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