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For Business Teams

Simplifying Language

Empowering business team to re-write their risk and compliance requirements in their language with minimal effort and automating repetitive tasks.

Get in touch to see how you can re-shape risk & compliance language so it makes business sense!

Enhanced Transparency

Getting Started

We focus on empowering business to take control of their risk and compliance activities by improving transparency and accountability while minimising the overheads of actively managing a live view of their Risks, Controls, Actions, Risk Events etc. Here are some ways in which we help business teams.

  • 1 - Improved Accountability

    Breakdown silos and explore what other teams are managing - e.g. HR & Finance controls list in 2 clicks.

  • 2 - Update language

    Modify description for Risks, Controls etc., helping articulate the activity in business language easily.

  • 3. Evidence Based approach

    Update assessments for Risks, Controls etc. in 5 - 7 clicks, attaching relevant evidence as support.

  • 4 - Zero-effort Reporting

    Export reports to pre-formatted PowerPoint templates and focus on the story telling rather than formatting.

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Let us show you how we are empowering business teams align business and compliance activities, eliminating significant operational overheads.

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