CoVi helps Executives make informed decisions|adopt holistic approach|challenge|be confident about compliance through advanced analytics|A.I. Assistance|simplifying business processes|transparency with CORE|ANALYTICS|CORE|CMILE & CORE

Data Driven Decisions

Being reactive with your management actions and losing business opportunities? We can help you change from a defensive to an offensive strategy.

CoVi's predictive capabilities combine market data with firm's balance sheet data to predict business evolution based on market trends and competitor’s behaviour. Our forward looking approach allows executives to proactively reflect data in their decision process.

Informed Sign-offs

Only getting a few slides in exchange for your sign-off on content that is reported externally? We help you understand the underlying details.

There is a limit to how much information can be covered in meetings. We enable information to be reported and distributed at the appropriate level of granularity for each set of stakeholders, allowing executives to develop more informed opinions with respect to risk and compliance commitments.

Better Understanding

Nervous about the upcoming regulatory interview to discuss your understanding of the compliance requirements? Feel confident using our suite of products.

Simplifying risk & compliance language helps drives a better understanding of business operations at all levels of management. Our products help executives feel more confident and prepared for regulatory visits by making all risk & compliance activities available anytime, anywhere.

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