CoVi helps Executives Make Informed Decisions|Adopt Holistic Approach|Challenge|Be Confidenct about Compliance through advanced analytics|A.I. Assistance|simplifying business processes|transparency with CORE|ANALYTICS|CORE|CMILE & CORE

Data Driven Decisions

Being reactive with your management action & business strategy and losing opportunities? CoVi can make you proactive.

CoVi's predictive capabilities make sure of advance analytics and machine learning to analyse internal and external data to predict business evolution based on market trends and competitor’s behaviour. Moreover, our solutions allows your processes to be more agile in deploying new strategies because we know timing is critical to success.

Informed Sign-offs

Only getting a few slides in exchange for your sign-off for externally published reports? CoVi helps you see the details behind the summary.

There is limit to how much information can be covered in meetings. CoVi makes the summary and the details available for all levels of management from anywhere. Take your time exploring the data around your area of interest and reach independent decisions, rather than being lead to it through the hand-full of slides presented to you at meetings.

Better Understanding

Dreading the regulatory interview to discuss your understanding of the compliance committments? Feel confident with CoVi.

Simplifying risk and compliance language not only helps change the risk culture within the business but it also drives clearer understanding of business operations and compliance commitments at senior management levels. Never feel nervous about a regulatory visit because we bring all the answers you will ever need to your fingertips.

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