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For Risk Teams

Deeper Insights

Arming Risk teams with beautifully crafted visual dashboards and zero-effort reporting that drive betters insight and meaningful risk conversations.

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Visualised Insights

Getting Started

Our dynamic and intuitive visualisations provide a unique perspective on business data, breaking away from the traditional bar graphs or pie charts approach that tends to be very "linear". Here are some examples of how we support risk teams improve their analytics capabilities.

  • 1 - Risk Maps

    Functional heat-maps that encourage users to explore the risk landscape.

  • 2 - Trend Wheels

    An approach unique to CoVi that allows businesses to visualise performance over time in a single visual.

  • 3 - Risk Radars

    An exception report highlighting risks outside appetite or failed controls in a single visual.

  • 4 - Zero-effort Reporting

    Export reports to pre-formatted PowerPoint templates and focus on the story telling rather than formatting.

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