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For Managing Agents

Lloyd's Attestation

Produce evidence-based attestation against Lloyd's Minimum Standards (MS) at a press of a button. No chaser e-mails, no messy spreadsheets.

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What's in the Box

Getting started

Setup takes days not months! All you need to do is configure a hand full of parameters, review to ensure the suggestions are fit for your business and start embedding.

  • 1 - Configure Parameters

    Update our pre-populated attestation template parameters (in blue) to ensure they are appropriate for your firm (committee names, dates etc.).

  • 2 - Team CoVi Updates CORE

    Team CoVi reflects the updated parameters in CORE where all relevant controls are already setup. Takes less than 3 days!

  • 3. Start Embedding

    Business teams update control descriptions where relevant to reflect what they do, helping them articulate their activities in their own words.

  • 4. Collect Evidence

    Once setup, it only takes 5 - 7 clicks for the business to provide updates on the control effectiveness and attach relevant evidence.

More than + best practice controls expected by Lloyd's right out of the box.

Getting you benchmarked with your peers and helping you document controls at fraction of the time & effort.

Transparent Pricing

Manage your Cost

Get started with just a team or a business unit today and scale when the business is ready with complete control over your costs.

£250/user/month - if 3 to 10 Users.
£200/user/month - if more than 10+ Users

Get in touch if 20+ users for our Enterprise Wide licence.

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