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Supervisory Training

Is your training too theoretical and lack relevant industry specific examples, leading to lower return on time? Let CoVi turn theoretical into practical.

CoVi's fluid visualisation engine supplements supervisory training with live firm and market data, leading to shorter and more effective training delivery by bringing complex concepts to life.


Supervisory review driven by information provided by firms rather than internal processes? CoVi can align & automate workflow.

CoVi delivers a base-line workflow and automates data extraction from existing data assets, facilitating a Business Model focused supervision used by all leading supervisory authorities.

Policy Making

Spending countless hours in excel managing responses sent by firms to consultation papers? With CMILE we just made policy making much easier and quicker.

CoVi automatically collects and analyses responses to the consultation papers at a paragraph level, providing unparallel insights into what type of firms care about what aspect of the proposed regulation.

Manage Waivers

Juggling between waiver applications to ensure a consistent assessment is made against all applications? Let CoVi improve transparency making it easy to factor in the nature, scale and complexity of each business.

CoVi not only improves transparency by allowing supervisors to manage waiver rationale against the regulatory requirements but also uses machine learning to predict which firms may be eligible for certain waivers based on their balance sheet profile.

Advanced Benchmarking

Don’t know how to reflect the local practices of the overseas operations in your supervisory review of a local group? CoVi brings cross-border benchmarking capabilities to your fingertips.

CoVi cross-jurisdictional analytics capabilities, supported by machine learning and predictive analytics, allow regulators to compare foreign subsidiaries (of a local regulated firm) against their foreign peers without breaking a sweat.

Knowledge Sharing

Identified a miss-selling practice in your supervisory review and don’t know who else to share it with in the authority? Share lessons learnt with the relevant teams in a matter of seconds.

Raise a "Lessons Learnt" against a firm and CoVi will automatically identify its peers and inform their supervisory teams of the possible issue to look out for. CoVi also help retain knowledge of a firm as people move teams or jobs.

Reporting Packs

Wasting hours finding the latest templates and formatting reports for committees? Spend time on fine tuning the message not formatting reports.

CoVi does the heavy lifting of collating and export all the relevant regulatory data into pre-formatted Word documents and Powerpoint presentations at a click of a button.

Data Driven Supervision

Are you being reactive with your supervisory action? Be proactive not reactive, identifying symptoms of concerns before they become major issues.

CoVi uses advance analytics and machine learning to analyse regulatory and market data to predict which firms are likely to be impacted following based on the market cycles.

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