Day-to-day Relief

Easing day-to-day back office bureaucracy stemming from regulatory requirements

How we relieve

CoVi re-imagines the current processes, applying the latest most relevant and latest technology to deliver the more efficient approach of performing the daily compliance activities.

What makes CoVi’s approach unique is our focus on the business (1st line). We build our solutions with the business in mind, who’s day job is anything other than ticking compliance boxes.

Compliance Kit

An out-of-the-box solution that gets you compliant in days not months. Ideal for new or established intermediaries looking to automate and strengthen their compliance team.

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Rules Mapping

A.I. powered assistant that helps you navigate and manage the ever evolving regulatory landscape. Managing large rules mapping spreadsheets? Check out how we can save you weeks of mundane work.

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Policy Attestation

Assists companies capture evidence based controls assessment to support Policy Attestation. Perfect for policy owners looking to extract value and minimise effort of their attestation process.

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Process Mapper

Turning complex policies into a visual process that motivates operational efficiencies and automation. Eliminate back-office bureaucracy by introducing process mapper.

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Reporting Workflow

A visualisation of reporting rules that reduces overheads and automates reporting workflow. Finance teams love how we help them manage their regulatory reporting.

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Encouraging compliance communities to collaborate and discuss interpretation. Increased collaboration and tapping into your community could confirm the way forward.

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