Nurturing Communities

Creating spaces for financial institutions to share regulatory interpretation and insights

CoVi Communities

​ Over the last two decades, regulators have been replacing the legacy rules-based regulation with principles-based regulation. The ambiguity introduced under this new approach is increasing the effort needed to interpret the compliance requirements.

CoVi's Communities are democratising interpretation, leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neural Networks to establish community driven benchmarks and track the evolution of interpretation.

How it works

​ Struggling with determining interpretation for principles-based regulation? Relying on expensive external support to help you benchmark against your peers? Join our echo system and start harnessing the power of CoVi's Communities.


Provides you with the ability to search, share and manage regulation. Once our bots familiarise with your areas of interest, they provide you with recommendations of other relevant rules you may have missed via CMILE.

CMILE also offers live-benchmarking, highlighting any changes in regulatory interpretation driven by regulatory action, guidance or fines.

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Provides you with industry loss data from both public domain and anonymised risk incident (operational losses) from CoVi's community, sharing lessons learnt and addressing operational gaps via CORE

CORE also recommends control enhancements based on risk loss data, automating how lessons learnt are reflected in business operations.

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