Compliance Kit

An out-of-the box solution to get you compliant in days, not months!

What is Compliance Kit

​ The majority of FCA (Financial Conduct Authority - UK) compliance activities across financial sector is 'industry agnostic'. Steps taken by banks to manage outsourcers or ensuring fair customers outcomes are similar to the steps taken by insurers or intermediaries.

CoVi's Compliance Kit is an out-of-the-box solution that has 80% of industry best practices ready to be deployed in days. Only minor tweaking is required to align with the nature, scale and complexity of your business

How it works

​ Are you holding client money, providing advisory services or brokering deals? Tell us the nature of your business.


Provides you with pre-populated thematic collections (boards) of rules applicable to the activity you are undetaking via CMILE.

CMILE also offers template business policies and procedures for you to adopt or adapt and automates horizon scanning for regulatory changes.

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Provides you with the best practice activities (Controls) necessary to demonstrate on-going compliance to the regulator via CORE

CORE also offers means to automate compliance monitoring by linking directly to your business systems, including accounting software and CRMs.

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Additional Support

​ We know how daunting regulation can be! We partner with the best to guide you through the seas of regulation.

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