Policy Attestation

Evidence based approach to deploying a Controls Framework that is not taxing

Evidence based Policy Attestation

​ At least once a year, all executives are required to attest that their team has complied with the business requirements. This exercise is rarely supported by evidence, takes the business teams away from their day jobs and adds little value to the operational effectiveness.

CoVi's Policy Attestation brings a Controls-first approach to the attestation process, providing confidence to executives while introducing operational efficiencies and minimising backoffice buraucracy for their teams.

How it works

​ Unclear on what needs to be put in place to meet the policy requirement? Our Controls-first approach turns policy attestation into a value add activity.


Provides you with a clear link between regulatory requirements and the control put in place to ensure on-going compliance, improving transparency on activities undertaken to remain compliant in CMILE.

CMILE also notifies you of what controls need to be revised following changes to the regulation, automating parts of your regulatory response process.


Provides you with an single view of all your controls through an intuitive user experience that minimises the effort needed by the business teams to update controls' assessment in CORE

CORE also automates parts of the ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessmet) report production, freeing up time to focus on stress testing and forecasting.

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