Process Mapper

Turning bulky procedures into action driven visualisations

What is Process Mapper

​ When was the last time you referenced your company's policy or procedure document in your day-to-day? If you can't remember, then it's time to eliminate the legacy thinking and consider whether your time is better spent on something other than updating policies and procedures that go unappreciated.

CoVi's Process Mapper is minimising back-office bureaucracy by turning existing processes and procedures into a tube map of operational activities, innovating parts of the back-office that are still stuck in the last century.

How it works

​ Ever wondered if there was an easier way of managing all the internal standards, policies and procedures? Here is how we are re-freshing legacy thinking.


Provides you with a clear link between regulation and business activities in place to ensure on-going compliance in CMILE.

CMILE also recommends best practices business activities to demonstrate compliance, driven by our Machine Learning algorithms.

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Provides you with the toolkit to convert your bulky processes and procedures into a series of activities that are intuitive to understand and use in CORE

CORE also provides a network map of all your processes, alerting you of any gaps which could lead to issues downstream.

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