Rules Mapping

Automating horizon scanning of regulatory changes

What is Rules mapping

​ If it feels like you are constantly updating spreadsheets with new or revised rules, our Rules Mapper is for you. Rules Mapper helps compliance teams keep pace with the fast changing regulatory landscape.

CoVi's Rules Mapper uses advanced analytics and machine learning to identify changes to rules and their interpertation, providing actionable insights for compliance teams.

How it works

​ Once you have identified the rules you care about on CMILE, either directly or by using the Compliance kit, our algorithms take over.


Provides you with a tiered-notification, helping you prioritise review of rules you care about the most (pinned rules) vs rules that are new or not relevant in CMILE.

CMILE also offers recomended interperataion based on the response of your peers to the regulatory change.


Provides you with recomendations on what operational activities (Controls) need to be updated in response to rules changes in CORE

CORE's approach also reduces governance overhead by allowing management to focus on the changes only.

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Additional Support

​ We know how daunting regulation can be! We partner with the best to guide you through the seas of regulation.

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