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Regulation Interpretation

Democratising Interpretation

CMILE is re-defining how financial services navigate and manage regulation, leveraging the latest technology to augment their ability to digest large set of qualitative information at lightning speeds.

Our Approach

Comply with CMILE

Start managing 10,000+ pages of regulation with one single search!

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A Growing footprint

Our Coverage

Over 20k pages of regulation across 3 jurisdictions and growing.

  • UK (Insurance)
  • UK (Intermediaries)
  • UK (Banking: Coming soon)
  • EU (Insurance)
  • HK (Insurance)
  • EU (Payments)
  • SG (Coming soon)
  • AE (Coming soon)
  • MX (Coming soon)
  • Got a request? Get in touch.
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Additional Features

Peer Benchmarking

Peer Benchmarking

Our Neural Network provides visual cues about what your peers are pinning when looking for similar topics on CMILE.

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Language Support

Regulation is best interpreted in the original language, that's why we support over 15 different languages.

Horizon scanning

Horizon Scanning

CMILE automates the horizon scanning once it knows you, notifying you of the changes you are interested in as they happen.

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Our RegBot is there by your side, helping you answer any compliance questions based on your specific interpretation of the rules.

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