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CORE Elements


Intuitively manage and monitor the building blocks of your operations.

Does your business suffer from ambiguous and inconsistent instructions, with teams often replicating operational activities?

CORE Elements provides a practical approach to clearly and consistently describe operational activities, leveraging technology to automate monitoring and reporting. This new approach will help you eliminate replication in your operational processes and break down silos for greater operational efficiencies.

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Policy 2.0
Problem Statement

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Most regulated firms have an implicit understanding of what their smallest unit of operation is, but very few of them clearly articulate it for their teams.

Lack of clarity on the "common operational denominator" means that business instructions are often very conceptual and delivered through layers of instructions, each layer building on top of the one before it. This instruction set is hard for business teams to interpret so they define what they believe is expected of them.

As a result, business activities are:

  • Ambiguous: business teams unclear on what exactly is required of them.
  • Inconsistent: the granularity of the instructions often depend on the author.
  • Result in Replication: due to their ambiguous and inconsistent nature, different teams end up carrying out similar activities leading to silo-culture and operational confusion.
Policy 2.0 Value Proposition
Value Proposition

Building operations from first principles.

Our first-principles approach defines four types of operational building blocks, the smallest unit of operation, collectively called CORE Elements.

The App guides users through steps when defining new CORE Elements, ensuring all CORE Elements are consistently defined. Once defined, CORE Elements can be assessed by the business in just 5 to 7 clicks of a mouse, allowing teams to evidence their activities with minimal effort and enjoy automate reporting for internal/external stakeholders.

As a result, business activities are:

  • Clear: each business activity is clearly and succinctly defined.
  • Consistent: each CORE Element is described consistently across teams, regardless of the author.
  • Minimise Replication: with clear and consistent descriptions of business activities, replicated tasks are easy to identify and eliminate.

Key features of CORE Elements.

Clear & Consistent

Turn ambiguous and inconsistent operational activities into clear and consistent instruction sets that are effortless to assess.

Parent - Child

Rollout a CORE Element across teams, subsidiaries and geographies with a click of a button by creating "child" of the CORE Elements.

Connect Operations

Connect the building blocks of your operations with your wider operational footprint through our App Suite, like Policies, Risk Incidents and lots more.

Live Reporting

Get a live view of your operational effectiveness and never spend time on preparing reports with our one-click reporting.

New Operational Insights

Discover new insights into your operational activities at a granular level and take timely action to remediate threats to your resilience.

Workflows & Audit Trails

Reminders for assessment updates are managed entirely by the App, with a clear audit trail retained for all edits made as part of the update.

Our App Suite has helped clients reduce their operational overheads by over 30%

See how it can help you gain new insights and achiever operational efficiencies.

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