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Frictionless reporting of gifts, hospitality & conflicts for busy teams.

Reactively managing gifts, hospitality and conflicts reporting through manual processes?

Gifts & Conflicts App provides a proactive approach to managing gifts, hospitality and conflicts of interest reporting to effortlessly meet the regulatory Anti-Bribery & Corruption requirements. With our best in class rules engine, send timely reminders to your teams and automate your ABC review processes.

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Risk Incidents
Problem Statement

Manually tracking gifts, hospitality & conflicts.

Most businesses rely on staff to remember their annual training for when and how to self-report gifts, hospitality and conflicts with limited prompting.

It's not reasonable to expect staff to remember the e-learning they completed in February to know how and what to report. Furthermore, the manual processes in place to approve gifts & manage conflicts beyond compliance thresholds means that the learnings of these exceptions are never shared with the business resulting in operational repetitiveness.

These practices lead to:

  • Ill-timed reporting: often teams reporting months after they have received the gifts or crystalised conflicts.
  • Reactive: where compliance teams have to spend significant time guiding staff on the reporting process.
  • Manual workflows: means past trends are not reflected in the future management of gifts & conflicts.
Challenges of Visio
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Value Proposition

Switch to event-driven data collection.

Use the rules engine in our Gifts & Conflicts App to send timely reminders for gifts, hospitality and conflicts reporting supported by automated approval workflows.

Working on a big public deal? Running a large procurement project? Set event-based triggers to automatically notify specific teams (Front office, Sales, Underwriting) to report gifts, hospitality and conflicts. Our AI-powered rules engine continually learns from past triggers and reporting to help you proactively monitor your Anti-bribery & Corruption efforts.

Support your Anti-Bribery & Corruption monitoring with:

  • Timely reporting: send timely reminders to staff and collect the necessary information with minimal operational friction.
  • Proactive posturing: advanced analytics to help identify potential gaps for remediation.
  • Automated workflows: set event-based triggers for notifications, automate approval and manage expectations in one place.

Key features of Gifts & Conflicts.

* Prerequisite: CORE Elements App

Complete & Accurate

Simplify your Anti-Bribery data collection for complete and accurate Gifts & Conflicts reporting that leads to improved operations.

Rules Engine

Define approval rule-sets and trigger events that effortlessly tailor the approach to Gifts & Conflicts reporting to your business.

Live Reporting

Get a live view of your Anti-Bribery & Corruption efforts and never spend time preparing reports with our one-click reporting.

New Operational Insights

Discover new insights into your operational effectiveness and take timely action to remediate threats to your resilience.

Workflows & Audit Trails

Track exceptions and remediations to completion with a clear audit trail for internal and external stakeholders to review.

Our App Suite has helped clients reduce their operational overheads by over 30%

See how it can help you gain new insights and achiever operational efficiencies.

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