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Process Mapper


Visualise your processes with live updates for improved operational resilience.

Is your business process documentation out-dated and over engineered for business use?

Process Mapper offers an intuitive way to document and visualise your operational footprint with the ability to monitor your operational resilience from anywhere. This new approach will help you effortlessly keep your procedures up to date and connect them with operational activities through CORE Elements.

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Process Mapper
Problem Statement

Over engineered for business use.

While swim-lanes are a great way to capture every aspect of your operations, it is often too detailed and leads to paralysis by analysis.

The level of details captured in these documentation is very granular; showing the inputs, processing and outputs across all operations. This detailed approach makes the process documentation painstakingly slow to update and hard for the business operators to reference in a Business-as-Usual (BaU) environment.

As a result, business process documentation tend to be:

  • Dated: in an evolving business environment, these detailed documents are often outdated even before they have gone through the sign-off process.
  • Disconnected: form the operational realities of the business.
  • Unreferenced: by the business teams due to their complexity and granularity.
Challenges of Visio
Process Mapper Value Proposition
Value Proposition

Turning processes into a tube map.

Process Mapper helps articulate business processes as a series of process points, visualising a "Tube map" of your operational footprint.

The App provides a balance between granularity and simplicity by collapsing inputs, processing and outputs for each process point into a single "bubble", or a tube station if you like. The App also brings this documentation to life by linking these "bubbles" to the building blocks of your operations through our CORE Elements App.

As a result, business processes are:

  • Updated: updating a process is a simple as modifying and approving the relevant "bubble".
  • Connected: our CORE Elements App connects process documentation to the operational realities of the business.
  • Regularly referenced: with an intuitive and visual representation of business processes, it is much easier to identify and remediate process inefficiencies.

Key features of Process Mapper.

* Prerequisite: CORE Elements App

Clear & Consistent

Turn granular and dated process documentation into intuitive and visual maps that are significantly easier to manage.

End-to-End mapping

Build and maintain your end-to-end process maps with minimal effort and get live updates on your operational resilience through one dashboard.

Connect Operations

Bring you process documentation to life by connecting it with your operational realities using our Apps like CORE Elements.

Live Reporting

Get a live view of your operational effectiveness and never spend time on preparing reports with our one-click reporting.

New Operational Insights

Discover new insights into your operational activities at a granular level and take timely action to remediate threats to your resilience.

Workflows & Audit Trails

Reminders for process reviews are managed entirely by the App, with a clear audit trail retained for all edits made as part of the update.

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