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Augment R&C Team


Is your inhouse R&C team overwhelmed with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements?

Each wave of innovation brings with it a plethora of regulatory change.

Our Augment R&C service is designed to provide interim support to busy Risk and Compliance teams; freeing them from grunt work so they can focus on value-add activities that supports their business strategic objectives.

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Augment R&C team
Augment R&C Team

Bandwidth issues? We got you covered.

Every new wave of innovation in financial services is closely followed by new regulations for consumer protection. In the last decade we have seen a significant volume of change in the regulatory landscape for all firm types.

The longer you operate as a regulated firm, the more Operational Debt your collect. We define Operational Debt as out-dated processes that run in parallel with new processes, often replicating exsiting business activities.

Collect enough Operational Debt and you are bound to "trap" your R&C team in perpetual fire fighting mode. Our Augment R&C service can take over some of these mundane tasks, freeing you and your team to focus on the big picture.

Stuck in an operational loop that's burning your badwidth? Why not book an absolutely free consultation to explore how we can help you free your time for more value-add activities.

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Supported Areas

Choose the service that helps you release bandwidth for more interesting internal projects.

Policy Suite Maintenance

Regularly update business policies and procedures to reflect changes in the business operations, regulations or regulatory expectations.

Incident Monitoring

Implement and operate a risk incident monitoring program, including staff training, incident investigation and regular Board reporting.

Gifts & Conflicts Monitoring

Implement and operate a gifts, hospitality and conflicts of interest monitoring, including data colletcion and regular Board reporting.

Internal Reporting

Prepare, validate and submit R&C reports to internal stakeholders, including Compliance Dashboard, Assurance review reports etc.

Fit & Proper Assessments

Train, screen and assess senior management to demonstrate they continues to meet regulatory expectations (SM&CR compliance).

External Reporting

Prepare, validate and submit R&C reports to external stakeholders, including the regulators, and manage any queries related to the reports.

Mandatory Training

Develop and delivery mandatory Risk and Compliance training for all staff, including Financial Crime, Cyber, Risk Incidents etc.

Horizon Scanning

Monitor changes in the regulations relevant for the business; performing gap analysis and recommending remediation actions.

Risk Management

Develop, implement and operate a risk management framework to support risk-based decision making for the Board and senior management.

Independent Financial Audit

Arrange the necessary independent financial audits, if required, through our network of trusted partners and affiliates.

Risk Appetite Framework

Support the Board set their Risk Appetite and implement metrics to monitor and report on performance against Board's Risk Appetite.

Supplier Management

Manage parts or all of your supplier management from contract review, supplier register, SLA monitoring to supplier risk assessments.

Emerging Risk

Identify, assess and monitor emerging risks with the business teams and report to Board and senior management discussions.

Process Mapping

Performing a trough walkthrough of your processes; documenting the steps and identifying control gaps with remediation actions.

All services are delivered using our App Suite

Freeing you to focus on more value-add activites.

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