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Is your Risk & Compliance support struggling to keep pace with your business growth?

With great growth comes increased regulatory oversight.

Our Outsource R&C service provides a scalable solution for your risk and compliance needs, leveraging a pragmatic and technology-lead approach that keeps pace with your tremendous growth.

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Outsource R&C team
Outsource R&C Team

Support that grows with you.

Nature, Scale and Complexity of your business determines how much attention you get from supervisors.

This means that at the start of your journey, when both the scale and the complexity of your business is minimal, the compliance support you need is also minimal. However, as your business grows, so will your regulatory oversight and compliance obligations.

Our support model is carefully curated to help firms at different stages of their growth journey:

  • 1. Assurance: for firms just starting out with a small operational footprint.
  • 2. Comply+: for firms with scaling operations that require robust evidencing of compliance activities.
  • 3. Risk++: for firms with increasing complexity that require robust evidencing of risk-based decisions.

Got a specific question? Why not book an absolutely free consultation to explore how we can help you put your compliance on auto pilot.

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Support Models

Three simple support models to choose from.

Services Assurance Comply+ Risk++
Independent Compliance Assurance
Reporting & Stakeholder management
On-going policy management
Compliance Officer
Risk Management Support
Supported Areas

Choose our fully managed outsource service or simply select the area where you need support.

Policy Suite Maintenance

Regularly update business policies and procedures to reflect changes in the business operations, regulations or regulatory expectations.

Internal Reporting

Prepare, validate and submit R&C reports to internal stakeholders, including Compliance Dashboard, Assurance review reports etc.

Fit & Proper Assessments

Train, screen and assess senior management to demonstrate they continues to meet regulatory expectations (SM&CR compliance).

External Reporting

Prepare, validate and submit R&C reports to external stakeholders, including the regulators, and manage any queries related to the reports.

Mandatory Training

Develop and delivery mandatory Risk and Compliance training for all staff, including Financial Crime, Cyber, Risk Incidents etc.

Regulated Roles

Provide support with mandatory appointments such as Money Laundering Reporting Office (MLRO), Data Protection Office (DPO) etc.

Horizon Scanning

Monitor changes in the regulations relevant for the business; performing gap analysis and recommending remediation actions.

Risk Management

Develop, implement and operate a risk management framework to support risk-based decision making for the Board and senior management.

Independent Financial Audit

Arrange the necessary independent financial audits, if required, through our network of trusted partners and affiliates.

All business activities are setup using our App Suite

Freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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