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Regulatory Authorisations


Got a great idea for a new financial product that you are looking to launch?

Setting up a business is hard, setting up a regulated business is harder.

Our Authorisation service takes care of all the regulatory aspects of your business setup, freeing you to focus on the product-market fit, business model validation, funds raising, hiring great people ...

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Regulatory Authorisation

From application to approval.

Preparing to get authorised can be very time consuming, especially when you are setting up a new business, launching a new product or entering a new jurisdiction.

The Regulatory Authorisation service takes care of the regulatory setup so can focus on the business setup. Depending on your team's bandwidth, you can either choose:

  • Full Service: we take care of everything from drafting the application to writing the regulatory business plan and coordinating regulatory interaction.
  • Pick 'n Choose: only select parts of the authorisation journey that you need support with from our Supported Areas list below.

Got a specific question? Why not book an absolutely free consultation to explore how we can help you through your authorisation journey.

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Supported Areas

Choose our full service or simply select the area where you need support.

Corporate Setup

A full company setup, including tax registration plus any relevant oversight body like the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Project Management

Project manage the entire regulatory application process to completion, managing all internal and external stakeholders.

Regulatory Business Plan

Develop the Regulatory Business Plan, including the necessary financial projections and balance sheet stress testing for the business.

Policies & Procedures

Develop the necessary business policies and procedures for senior management's review; delivered through our App Suite.

Directors' Readiness

Perform the necessary screening and deliver training to evidence the appropriateness of the management team to carry our regulated activities.

Regulated Roles

Provide support with mandatory appointments such as Money Laundering Reporting Office (MLRO), Data Protection Office (DPO) etc.

Application Review

Prepare the application, ensuring all necessary information is clearly presented and sufficiently supported with evidence.

Independent Financial Audit

Arrange the necessary independent financial audits, if required, through our network of trusted partners and affiliates.

All business activities are setup using our App Suite

Freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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