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For Compliance teams

Working Smarter!

Enabling compliance teams to navigate and manage regulatory text at lightning speeds, freeing time for regulatory interpretation.

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Augmenting Compliance

Getting Started

We organise regulation into "Stacks", e.g. our Solvency II Stack includes the Directive, Delegated Acts, EIOPA guidelines, PRA Rulebook and Lloyd's Minimum Standards. Simply signup for the Stack you are interested in and get started in minutes!

  • 1 - Explore

    A unique visual search that reduces cognitive load, providing a consistent interface for multiple sources.

  • 2 - Organise

    Pin related items on to boards, creating thematic collection of related rules.

  • 3. Interpret

    Capture your interpretation against pinned items with an option to share selected items on Linked .

  • 4. Assign

    Assigning boards to business policies and automate regulatory changes updates for business processes.

Over pages of financial regulation from 5 different jurisdictions available on our platform.

Global financial regulation has never been more accessible!

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